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Meet the Doctor


Dr. Thomas Wachtmann is proficient in a wide variety of Chiropractic adjusting techniques. He treats each patient individually and finds the right combination that works for them.

Dr. Wachtmann practices Functional Diagnostic Medicine which focuses on finding and treating the cause of many disorders and diseases rather than just suppressing symptoms like many other treatments do.

Dr. Wachtmann performs Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression to help people with herniated or bulging discs, severe back or neck pain, sciatica, radicular pain down the arms, headaches, scoliosis, whiplash injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome.

In addition to traditional Chiropractic care, Dr. Wachtmann offers metabolic and neurological treatments which help many chronic disorders and diseases. These include but are not limited to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s disease, Fibromyalgia, Hot flashes, Hormonal imbalances, Vertigo/Dizziness, Digestive disturbances, Insomnia, Migraine headaches, Stress, Balance disorders and the list goes on. He also utilizes whole food nutritional supplementation, detoxification protocols, oxygen therapy, brain based therapies and non-surgical spinal decompression.

Dr. Wachtmann has over 16 years experience working with newborns to the elderly, professional athletes (The Philadelphia Eagles and Phillies), professional musicians, other health care providers and was the team physician for his local Semi-Professional football team (The Lehigh Valley Steelers) for two years. They won the championship both of those years.

Dr. Wachtmann chose to be a Chiropractor because it is holistically oriented and focuses on fixing problems, NOT simply masking symptoms. Chiropractic is a huge pathway toward health and wellness. It is true, "health care," not "sickness care." One of the keys to being truly healthy is to maintain your health and not wait until it fails before you do something about it. Dr. Wachtmann finds helping patients with their current health challenges and educating them toward a healthier and better future to be extremely satisfying.


Palmer College of Chiropractic
Lock Haven University – Bachelor of Science in Health Science
Awards for Clinical Excellence and Knowledge:

Award for outstanding clinical excellence at Palmer College of Chiropractic
Professional societies/organizations:

Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association
Oley Valley Business Association
Flying Aces Airplane Club
Buc-Le Aerosportsmen


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